Oxford College Faculty and Staff Directory


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photo of Brandon Mayo

Brandon Mayo

Senior Desktop Consultant

Information Technology

Hicham Mazouz

photo of Katherine McGuire

Katherine McGuire

Director of Institutional Research

Academic Affairs

photo of Michael McKeever

Michael McKeever

photo of Wanda McMullen

Wanda McMullen

Transportation Coordinator

Finance and Administration

photo of Molly McNamara

Molly McNamara

Head Golf Coach and Instructor in Physical Education

Center for Healthful Living

photo of Ambar Mejia

Ambar Mejia

Communications Specialist

Admission and Financial Aid

photo of Stephanie Mimbs

Stephanie Mimbs

Residence Life Coordinator

Residential Education and Services

photo of Anthony Mize

Anthony Mize

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Campus Life

photo of Stephanie Moncada

Stephanie Moncada

Director of Registration

Admission and Financial Aid

photo of Carol Moser

Carol Moser

Human Resources Associate

Human Resources

photo of Sherie Myers

Sherie Myers

Nurse Practitioner

Student Health Services