Joshua Mousie

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Joshua Mousie



Joshua Mousie is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oxford College. His philosophical interests are primarily in the history of political thought and environmental philosophy. His current research focuses on 1) developing a theory of an ecological political sphere and 2) critical theories of political action, resistance, and belonging. Additionally, he is interested in the relation between aesthetics and politics, the work of Karl Marx and the history of Marxism, and nonhuman animal ethics and politics. Outside of his academic work, Mousie likes to watch slow, boring films, read as many novels as possible, listen to most genres of music, and play guitar. 


MA| Boston College| 2007

Ph.D.| University of Guelph| 2015

Courses Taught

PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 120: Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy 

PHIL 202: Renaissance and Modern Philosophy

PHIL 204: 19th and 20th Century Philosophy

PHIL 317: Environmental Ethics

Honors 300: Contemporary Environmental Political Theory

DSC101: Politics and Liberation 


“Global Environmental Justice and Postcolonial Critique,” in Environmental Philosophy, Fall 2012.

“Unfinished Circlings: Schelling’s Hermeneutic History,” in Analecta Hermeneutica, 2009.

Works in Progress

"John Locke's Political Sphere and the Nonhuman Environment" 

"Are Rights for Nature Defensible?" 

Monograph: Liberating Infrastructure: A Critical Theory of Built Environments 



'Liberating Critical Infrastructures: A Manifesto,' (co-presented with Dr. Sarah Surak), International Marcuse Society, 2017

‘Flint, Michigan and Political Environmental Exclusion,’ Western Political Science Association, 2017. 

‘From Statelessness to Environmentlessness: Arendt and Environmental Injustice,’ The International Association of Environmental Philosophy, 2016.

‘On the Domination of Nature: Critiquing Political Discourse in Environmental Ethics,’ International Society for Environmental Ethics meeting at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division, 2015.

‘Latin American Environmental Movements and Global Politics’, The International Association of Environmental Philosophy, 2012.

‘Ecuador and the Rights of Nature,’ Western Political Science Association, 2011.

‘Locke and the Provisos of Property,’ American Philosophical Association Central Meeting (main program), 2011.

Misology and Identity in Plato’s Phaedo,’ Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, 2006.


Panel Discussant, "The Politics of Memory," Association for Political Theory, 2017.

Panel Discussant, “Race and the Environment,” Western Political Science Association, 2017. 

Panel Discussant, “Environmental Discourses,” Western Political Science Association, 2016. 

Research Interests

social and political philosophy, environmental philosophy, critical theory and the history of Marxian thought, postcolonial theory, animal ethics and philosophy, Renaissance and Early Modern political thought, aesthetics