Jennifer Mischel

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


BA| California Polytechnic State University, S.L.O.| 1990

MA| Pepperdine University| 1997

PhD| George Mason University| 2019

Courses Taught

Introduction to Psychology 111

Childhood Development 205

Lifespan Development

Social Psychology

Self-regulated Learning

Advanced Research Methods

Interpersonal Development



Outstanding Dissertation Award; George Mason University (2019) 

Third place award at George Mason’s annual 3MT competition (April 2019): $500

2019 Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award nomination

Awarded GMU Dissertation Research Fellowship (2018): $1800

Recipient of outstanding teaching in a core course as recognized by students (Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

Claire Ellen Weinstein Mentorship Program Participants (August 2017). American Psychological Association

Golden Key Honor Society (2015-present)


Mischel, J., & Kitsantas, A. (2019). Middle school students’ perceptions of school climate, bullying prevalence, and social support and coping, Social Psychology of Education: An International Journal, 1-22. doi: 10.1007/s11218-019-09522-5

Whitehead, A., & Mischel, J. (2018, December). Using SRL strategies to create life-long learners: A review of teachers’ and students’ belief systems about the self-regulation of learning. AERA SSRL SIG Times, 1(8), 13.Berkeley, S., Whitehead, A., Mischel, J., Kurz, L. A., Larsen, A., & Annetta, L. (2020). Student engagement while creating serious educational games in collaborative learning environments: Implications for STEM interest. In Education SeriesGamification and Social Networks in Education. MacroWorld.

Mischel, J. (2019, August). Bullying and cyberbullying research findings for educators. International Bullying Prevention Association newsletter. 



Mischel, J., Berkeley, S., & Cones, I. (2019, Toronto). Impacts from goal setting strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Toronto, Canada.

Mischel, J. (2019, June). Paper presented at the International Bullying Prevention Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Mischel, J., Anichini, A., & Elliot, J. (2019, November). Bridging the gap between research and application. Panel discussion presented at the International Bullying Prevention Conference, Chicago, Il.

Berkeley, S., Mischel, J., & Whitehead, A. (2019, August).  Self-regulation of students with learning disabilities during a complex, science-based project.  Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Mischel, J. & Kitsantas, A. (2018, April). Pilot study using vignettes as vehicles for defining and assessing cyberbullying among middle school children. Poster presented at George Mason’s Graduate School Colloquium, Fairfax, VA.

Mischel, J., & Kitsantas, A. (2018, August). Vignettes as vehicles for defining and assessing cyberbullying among middle school children. Poster presented at American Psychological Association, San Francisco.

Mischel, J. (2018, November). Conceptual framework of bullying victimization and resiliency. Ted-inspired Talk presented at the International Bullying Prevention Conference, San Diego.

Mischel, J. & Kitsantas, A. (2019, August). Middle school students’ use of coping strategies and self-efficacy in cyberbullying.  Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science, Washington, DC. 

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on perceptions of bullying/cyberbullying in middle childhood to emerging adulthood and exploring effective coping strategies as well as self-efficacy beliefs in ability to use these coping strategies. Finally, my focus and ideology as an educator iis to teach and exhibit self-regulated learning strategies to promote  academic success as well as emotional wellbeing.