Natalia Bayona Vasquez

Assistant Professor of Biology

I was born in a small town in Colombia, the tip of South America, one of the megadiverse countries in the world. When I was a little kid, my parents introduced me to the love of nature and outdoors. I grew up fascinated with organisms, mostly marine, their forms and interactions. I knew at a very early age I wanted to study natural sciences and be a biologist.

I went to college to study Biology at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. During my junior year, I got interested in genetics, evolution, and molecular ecology. I did my research thesis on population genetics of Plagioscion magdalenae, an endemic freshwater fish in Colombia. Then, I moved to Mexico to pursue master's and doctoral studies at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. There, I got interested in widely distributed and commercially important marine fish. But importantly, during my academic formation, I  have witnessed the tremendous advances in genomic technologies and bioinformatics resources in the last two decades. Which motivates me to explore new methods and tools for analyses and ask how can I apply them to my research questions.

​My research interests are broadly in molecular ecology and genomics in organisms that are relevant in conservation and environmental sciences. The ecological levels of the questions I am interested go from kinship relationships all the way to characterize communities. These topics cover disciplines such as popgen, phylogeography, and phylogenetics, metagenomics, etc. I have been lucky to study a wide variety of organisms from bacteria and fungi to arthropods and big vertebrates, all with genomic data!





PhD| Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México| 2015

MSc| Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México| 2011

BSc| Universidad Nacional de Colombia| 2007

Courses Taught

BIOL_OX-141, BIOL_OX-141L, BIOL_OX-120, BIOL_OX-142WE, DSC_101 on "The Biology of Pets".


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2023          RIBEIRO JMC, BAYONA-VÁSQUEZ NJ, BUDACHETRI K, KUMAR D, FREDERICK JC, TAHIR F, FAIRCLOTH BC, GLENN TC, & KARIM S. A draft of the genome of the Gulf Coast tick, Amblyomma maculatum. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases. 14(2): 102090.


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16. 2019          GHOSH A, JOHNSON MG, OSMANSKI AB, GLENN TC, LOUHA S, BAYONA-VÁSQUEZ NJ, GONGORA J, GREEN RE, ISBERG S, STEVENS RD & RAY DA. A high-quality reference genome assembly of the saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, reveals patterns of selection in Crocodylidae. Genome Biology and Evolution evz269.


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02. 2007          BAYONA-VÁSQUEZ, NJ & BURBANO MC. New primers for microsatellite loci in Plagioscion magdalenae (Pisces: Sciaenidae). Acta Biológica Colombiana. 12S:123.


01. 2007           RODRIGUEZ-P E, BAYONA-V N & JIMENEZ-A O. Relationship between the shift on tide levels over the abundance on planktonic bioluminescent organisms. Actualidades Biológicas. 2007:124.

Research Interests

Molecular ecology and genomics at various levels in organisms that are relevant in conservation and environmental sciences.