Andrew Neff

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Andrew Neff is Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at Oxford College of Emory University, where he teaches introductory courses in psychology and mid-level courses in neuroscience and mental health.

Before joining Oxford College in 2020, Andrew completed his Ph.D. in translational neuroscience studying the gut microbiome and its connection with the brain and behavior. At Oxford, he has mentored student research projects on pedagogy in online undergraduate education, student well-being, and the prospect of emerging neurotechnologies. Andrew is publishing a textbook titled “Foundations of Biological Psychology” with Cambridge University Press, planned for release in late 2023.


PhD| Translational Neuroscience| 2019

Courses Taught

PSY 110 Introduction to Psychobiology and Cognition

PSY 222 Clinical Neuroscience


Neff, A.S. (2020) Technical And Theoretical Limitations Of The Experimental Evidence Supporting A Gut Bacterial Etiology For Mental Illness. Clinical Therapeutics. 42(4), E74-E81.

Neff, A.S., Theis, K.R., & Burghardt, P.R. (2019). Development and Preliminary Validation of a Feasible Procedure for Isolating RNA from Fiber-Adherent Bacteria in Human Stool. Medical Science Monitor Basic Research, 25, 238.