Andrew Neff

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


PhD| Translational Neuroscience| 2019

Courses Taught

PSY 110 Introduction to Psychobiology and Cognition

PSY 222 Clinical Neuroscience


Neff, A.S. (2020) Technical And Theoretical Limitations Of The Experimental Evidence Supporting A Gut Bacterial Etiology For Mental Illness. Clinical Therapeutics. 42(4), E74-E81.

Neff, A.S., Theis, K.R., & Burghardt, P.R. (2019). Development and Preliminary Validation of a Feasible Procedure for Isolating RNA from Fiber-Adherent Bacteria in Human Stool. Medical Science Monitor Basic Research, 25, 238.

Research Interests

I study mental health through the lens of human neurotechnology and contemplative psychology. 

My research is informed by a short and long-term research vision for biological psychology. Short term, I think that experimental studies of religious, spiritual, and contemplative practices could provide lot of value to mental healthcare. Long-term, I’m very interested in the development of more sophisticated human neurotechnologies.  

Specifically, I try to identify and advocate for the development of emerging human neurotechnologies - I love talking about exosomes and ultrasound-guided drug delivery. I also try to take a modern academic approach to Buddhist philosophy as a way of understanding and treating mental illness. I’m currently enrolling students for an experimental study of how meditation impacts achievement-related anxiety (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022).