Miguel Gualdron Ramirez

Visiting Professor in Philosophy

Miguel Gualdrón Ramírez’s work focuses on the interconnection between history,politics, and aesthetics in Latin America and the Caribbean, and philosophical attempts at approaching these topics collectively. He is particularly interested in aesthetic theories and practices (such as literature and film) of this region of the world that critique colonial forms of self-understanding and self-expression and contribute to new epistemologies of resistance. His work investigates a European philosophical tradition of political thought and aesthetics as challenged by theexistence of the Americas.



PhD| DePaul University| 2019

MA| Universidad Nacional de Colombia| 2009

BA| Universidad Nacional de Colombia| 2005

Courses Taught

Oxford College of Emory University

Introduction to Ethics

Social and Political Philosophy

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Latin American and Caribbean Philosophy

DePaul University, Department of Philosophy

Philosophy and its issues (Introduction to Philosophy)

Philosophy and Film

Philosophy and Modern Society

Multiculturalism in the US

Sex and Gender

DePaul University, College of Education

Philosophical Issues in Education


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(2019) “Transversality as disruption and connection: On the possibilities and limits of using the framework of trauma in Glissant’s philosophy of Caribbean history”, in Philosophical Readings (2019), special issue “Philosophy in Colombia.” (forthcoming)

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