Devon Goss

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Devon Goss is a sociologist specializing in the areas of race and ethnicity, the family, and sports. She completed her PhD in 2018 at the University of Connecticut in Sociology with a graduate certificate in Feminist Studies. 

Much of her research centers on the experiences of those who cross racial boundaries. Her co-authored book with SunAh Laybourn, Diversity in Black Greek-Letter Organizations: Breaking the Line (2018), explored non-black members of African American sororities and fraternities. Previously, she documented the impact of racial ideology on members of transracial families. Her current project is an examination of the experiences of and institutional reaction to white students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Beyond sociology, she enjoys gymnastics, listening to podcasts, and playing with her pug, Gigi. 


BA| University of Portland| 2009

MS| Lewis & Clark College| 2012

MA| University of Connecticut| 2014

PhD| University of Connecticut| 2018

Courses Taught

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 247: Racial and Ethnic Relations

SOC 260: Sociology of Sports 

SOC 307E: Sociology of Education


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