Sarah Higinbotham

Assistant Professor of English

My PhD is in early modern literature and my scholarship centers around the intersections of literature and law. I’ve written about the violence of the law in early modern England, critical prison theory, and human rights in children’s literature.

My publications appear in Law, Culture, and the HumanitiesColumbia Human Rights Law ReviewContemporary Justice ReviewThe Social History of Crime and Punishment in the United StatesWake Forest Law Reviewand Reading Milton. I co-authored a recent book, Human Rights and Children’s Literature: Imagination and the Narrative of Law, which is now available in paperback. My current book project is on legal violence in ealry modern England.

For the last nine years, I’ve taught at a men’s prison outside Atlanta, a place where I’ve found — ironically — unparalleled intellectual freedom and creative collaboration.  Along with my friend and colleague Bill Taft, I co-direct the nonprofit Common Good Atlanta, which seeks to connect the humanities to the community.