Cassandra Casias

Adjunct Lecturer in Classics

Cassandra Casias is a PhD candidate in Ancient History at Emory University, with a certificate in Medieval Studies.  She focuses on the social and cultural history of Ancient Rome and Greece, with particular interests in the family, gender, sexuality, and slavery. Her dissertation, Bishops and Other Men's Wives in the Later Roman Empireexamines the family relationships of fourth-century Christian women in different regions of the empire, as seen through the sermons and letters of their bishops.  She is a Latina, born and raised in the U.S. Southwest.


BA| Colorado College| 2011

MA| University of Colorado at Boulder| 2013

MA| Emory University| 2016

Courses Taught

HIST 241/ANCMED 202R: The Virgin and the Whore in the Ancient World

LAT_OX 101-02A, 102-02A: Elementary Latin I and II

LAT_OX 398R: Latin Directed Reading (Ovid's Metamorphoses)

CL_OX 102: Classical Mythology


Capt. William E. McGinn, Squad 18, FDNY Scholarship (American Academy in Rome), 2018.

A.G. Leventis Scholarship for Medieval Greek (American School of Classical Studies at Athens), 2017.

Blair and James Major Dissertation Award: Emory University, 2016.

Ross H. and May B. McLean Prize: Emory University, 2014.


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"The Vulnerable Slave-Owner in Augustine's Sermons." Studia Patristica 98 (2017): 641-652.

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“Herodotus’ Sauromatean Logos: Authorial Voice and the Art of Seduction.”  Orality and Literacy XI: Voice and Voices.  Emory University, 19 September 2014.

Research Interests

Roman and Greek Families

Gender and Sexuality

Comparative Slavery

Late Antiquity

Early Christianity