Tasha Dobbin-Bennett

Associate Professor of Art History and Studio Art

Tasha Dobbin-Bennett is an Associate Professor of Art History and Studio Art at Oxford College. Originally from New Zealand, she earned her Ph.D. from Yale University in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations with a specialization in Egyptology. Prior to starting at Oxford College in 2015, she was the Papyrologist at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, where she worked on the ancient papyri collection.  

Dr. Dobbin-Bennett's dissertation research examined the ancient Egyptian conceptions of decomposition and putrefaction.  Her interdisciplinary study applied forsenic anthropological research to the ancient Egyptian medical and religious texts.  Having spent a number of years on archaeological excavations in Egypt, she is interested in how Egypt's unique climate contributed to the ancient Egyptian perception of the post-mortem human body.


BBus| Massey University, New Zealand| 1999

MA| University of Auckland, New Zealand| 2008

M.Phil.| Yale University| 2011

Ph.D.| Yale University| 2014

Courses Taught

ART 101 - Art and Architecture from Prehistory to the Renaissance

ART 102 - Art and Architecture from the Renaissance to the Present

ART 299/Art 110 - Introduction to Paper-making Studio

ART 213QW- Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture (5000 - 1550 B.C.E.)

ART 214QW- Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture (1550 - 30 B.C.E.)

DISC 101Q - Fakes, Forgeries, and Finance: The Ethics of Collecting and Repatriation


William J. Horwitz Dissertation Prize, Yale University - 2014


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Research Interests

Her research interests are wide-ranging including art history, Egyptology, forensic anthropology, public history, ethics of museum collecting and repatriation, identification of fakes and forgeries, archaeological practice, and museum and gallery curation.