Juliette Hulgan

Associate Professor of Mathematics


BA| Rhodes College| 2003

BS| Rhodes College| 2003

MS| The University of Memphis| 2006

Ph.D.| The University of Memphis| 2010

Courses Taught

Graph Theory and Math Models

Transition to Calculus

Calculus I

Calculus II

Differential Equations

Foundations of Mathematics

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Directed Study in Mathematics


"Vertex coloring of graphs by total 2-weightings."  With J. Lehel, K. Ozeki, and K. Yoshimoto.  Graphs and Combinatorics, 32.  2016.

"Concise proofs for adjacent vertex-distinguishing total colorings."  Discrete Mathematics, 309(8).  2009


"A Comparison of Two Approaches to Teaching Calculus I."  MAA Mathfest.  Denver, CO.  August 2018.

"Inquiry-Based Graph Theory for Non-Majors."  MAA Mathfest.  Chicago, IL.  August 2017.