Paul Oser

Teaching Professor of Mathematics

Paul Oser is a senior lecturer in mathematics.  After teaching and further study at the Georgia Institute of Technology pursuant to a PhD in mathematics, Oser taught at Clayton State University and other schools before joining the faculty of Oxford College in 2006. 

Oser has taught courses in pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, number theory, and computer science. He maintains Oxford College’s math and computer science website) and serves as faculty mentor for the Oxford math club. 

Since 1993, Oser has taught mathematics at the Georgia Governor's Honors Program, teaching courses in topology, number theory, cryptography, programming, problem solving, recursion, linear algebra, and many other topics to some of the most mathematically talented high school students in the state. 

Oser served for six years on both the Executive Committee of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Georgia Mathematics Conference Committee as their director of information technology.   

Since 2016, he has also served as a coach for the team representing the state of Georgia in the American Regions Mathematics League national competition, and he also oversees Oxford College’s participation in the Virginia Tech Regional and William Lowell Putnam mathematics competitions.

Oser's current research interests involve the design of computer programs to facilitate the construction of mathematical proofs.

He received a BS degree in applied mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1993 and an MS degree in mathematics from Akron University in 1996.


BS| Georgia Institute of Technology| 1993

MS| Akron University| 1996


2015 Mizell Award for Superior Performance in Furthering the Education of Students 

2010 Mizell Award for Superior Performance in Furthering the Education of Students