Seth Tepfer

Director of Administrative Computing and Innovative Technologies

Mr. Seth Tepfer became Director of Administrative Computing and Innovative Technologies at Oxford College in March 1998. He has previously served in various computing capacities at Emory University and Oxford College since 1987.

Born in Madison Wisconsin, Seth earned a B. S. in Mathematics from Emory University in 1990, an E.M.T license from the Georgia Paramedic Training Center in April 1994, and an A.P.P. license from Atlanta Polarity Center in March 1995. None of these have contributed to his job skills in the least.

Mr. Tepfer develops database systems for Oxford College, including interfaces and web front ends. He shoots trouble wherever it raises its ugly head, and banishes computer ignorance with every means at his disposal. Still a Mac devotee at heart, Mr. Tepfer administers the Oxford NT server and assists with the Novell administration. He designs flyers and publicity, teaches Freshlings, and attempts to be as innovative as possible.

Mr. Tepfer and his wife Pam Eidson were married March 5, 2002, and gave birth to their son, Jex Raven Eidson Tepfer on June 5, 2005. Ms. Eidson is a public health consultant. Jex is adorable. Their second son, Zyle Caspian Eidson Tepfer, was born April 17, 2008. He is also adorable.

In his spare time, Mr. Tepfer travels across the country as a contra and square dance caller and dance organizer, from Ithica, New York to Bonaire, (Netherlands Antillies) to Seattle, Washington. He enjoys many different styles of dance, from Contra to Cajun, Waltzing to Swing and beyond.

At various times in his life, Mr. Tepfer has been a Scottish Country Dancer, a Lincoln-Douglas debator, a trombone player, an Argentine Tango dancer, a dungeon master, a foil and epee fencer, a graphic designer, a polarity therapist, a movie critic, an EMT, a cajun dancer, a macrame artist, a pastry chef, a waltz instructor, a vaudeville-style comedian, and a gas station attendant. Still to come are massage therapy, sky diving, contra dance band member, and polar expeditions.

When he isn't sleeping, dancing or calling, Mr. Tepfer plays cards and games of all types, occasionally writes contra dances, spurns advice from his cats, and goes to movies. Mr. Tepfer adores smoked gouda.

Mr. Tepfer has never managed to have a clean office or house in his entire life. He lives by the credo "An empty desk is the sign of an empty mind."


BS| Emory University, Atlanta GA| 1990

MBA| GA Tech| 2016